Tuesday, August 5, 2014

If Only It Were That Easy...

A Life Like The Movies

I am a movie buff. There aren't many movies that I won't watch. I am always looking for a lesson to take away, a nugget of knowledge or wisdom to suck in. My husband always jokes about how I can turn any movie into a Bible lesson. This is 40 - challenge accepted. 

As I watched a movie recently, I was in awe of all that the lead couple accomplished before noon. I started taking notes, determined to become like this powerhouse of a couple. Giddy with anticipation, I made my list for the next day. The day was going to be great. Just like in the movies.

My day sucked. As I prepared for bed that night, I pondered my epic failure of an attempt to movie life. I discovered a few things that I believe contributed to the demise of my spectacular expectations.

1. It takes time to have great looking hair, first thing in the morning.
2. Movies don't account for bathroom breaks. I believe time should stop any time you are in the bathroom.
3. Bras
4. If you are going to attempt to do something that you saw in the movies, multiply the time by about 400.
5. It's basically a facebook slideshow.

The movies are a highlight movie reel. Sure, we see the mom in the shower (for all of 4 seconds), and then she's serving the kids breakfast while fully dressed (with bra), makeup and model ready hair. What we don't see is the 15 minutes of rushed shower time that needs to include shaving, conditioning, exfoliating, and scrubbing. We don't see the mirror inspection (is that a new mole?), the time spent on hair (it seriously takes an hour to dry mine) and makeup. Then there is deciding what to wear (will anyone see me today? and if yes, who?), and of course yelling at the kids to get their butts out of bed for the 15th time (unless of course it is summer, in which case you are tip toeing around your house trying not to wake them up). 

In the movies, even the frazzled mom looks great. In reality, my hair is in a ponytail, I think I showered yesterday, the kids can get their own breakfast (chocolate is healthy, right?), I will find my bra around noon, and I will make an appointment with the dermatologist to have that mole checked. 

Not all days are like this, but some are. Those are the days I pop in a movie and wish I could yell "cut" in my own life, skip the time consuming tasks and just watch my highlight reel. The highlights are what stay with us anyway. In my reel, my hair was glossy and bouncy (not pulled up in a clip, dry, and questionably clean), and my shirt didn't have a stain on it when my youngest daughter took her first step. Everything was perfect. 

The behind the scenes footage might make us cringe sometimes and the making of can be brutal, but I wouldn't miss the action for anything. That is what makes the final cut so amazing. Once you edit, you are left with the greatest show. Your life!

Love and Blessings!