Thursday, February 5, 2015

Christian Women Hating On Fifty Shades of Grey: Repeat After Me - Sex Isn't Bad

When the book, Fifty Shades of Grey was first released,  I didn't read it. I wasn't interested. When the movie was being made, again, not interested. And then.....the countdown to the movie release began. I was suddenly interested in finding out what the hooplah was all about. My curiosity and interest was piqued. Piqued, not because of the endless movie trailers and sneak peeks......but because of the "Christian" blogs that had suddenly flooded my news feeds. I realized that these blogs and articles were written by women (and a few men) who had no idea what they were talking about.

Now, before anyone gets their puritannical bloomers in a bunch, I am in no way endorsing this movie to be watched by any Christian. I am, however, about to question where your line is...

The running theme I have been seeing in the Christian outrage over 50 Shades, is that any sex that isn't boring is of the devil. Only heathens can enjoy a blindfold or a whip. Apparently, the only sexual position approved by God is missionary.

You can imagine my confusion, when I was researching this book/movie. The way these blogs/articles read, what this couple was doing was really, really bad. I was expecting something terrible. Actually, it turned out to be really tame. My husband and I are more creative with 15 minutes in the middle of the afternoon.

Less than half of these blogs/articles mentioned having a problem with the fact that these two people were not married and having sex (Which the Bible does speak against). The problem was the type of sex they were having. Spoiler Alert: They have some pretty vanilla sex in this series.

In talking to non-christians about this, (and they read your blogs and posts), they came away primarily with two thoughts: Christians have the worst sex lives ever and Now they really want to see the movie. Which is sad, but also true. I counsel women and for Christian women, they have a real struggle with seeing sex as something other than bad.

Believe me, I've been there. In the beginning of my marriage, I really struggled. I had been taught that sex was bad. There isn't much that is more mortifying (for all involved) than calling your Pastor and asking if oral sex is a sin. Praise the Lord it isn't! Thankfully, I was able to overcome all of that so that I can enjoy my sex life with my husband.

SEX between a husband and wife ISN'T BAD. And if it includes a little rough play now and then (and both want it and are okay with it), have fun. I, for one, like a bit of domination from my strong man (take that feminism).

So, I don't understand the Christian women who are so outraged over Fifty Shades of Grey, yet never miss an episode of Grey's Anatomy.

I will say that the Christian community outrage has given the movie more publicity (and free) than any of the trailers have done. Those blogs/articles aren't keeping people from seeing the movie, they are however pushing people away in droves, away from the angry condemnation that is missing the mark. Maybe instead of talking about how bad sex is, we could have used this opportunity to open up a conversation of just how great Biblical sex is. Real Biblical sex. The marriage bed. Because there is nothing like it. Married sex between a Christian couple is the best there is. It's loving and honest and hot. We should be pro-sex!

Christian Ladies - Get upstairs and have wild sex with your husbands - without shame - without guilt - only with pleasure.